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Combine Soldiers vs Robots :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 3 2 Dune Jumper meets Turkish Phantom :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 2 2 food time in on my house :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 1 5 scout robot eat a sandvich :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 5 6 Pyromancer and Pyro's House :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 1 0 Dafuq :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 5 11 Alien :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 0 2 OH GOD HOLY SHIT!!! :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 0 0 playing Half-Life: The Alpha Unit :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 0 0 Well Shit :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 0 0 You Are Winner!!! :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 2 0 You Are Winner!!! :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 2 0 Robot medic with remote control :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 3 1 Dammit!!! :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 2 0 OH MY GOD!!! :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 2 0 playing Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas :iconfelipe1355:felipe1355 0 0
well this is my work of garry's mod and too a games of gta online and mods of half-life 1 and a games


Damn :iconbitcheneerplz:Bitcheneerplz 2 20 Dosent remember anything :iconstatuengineerplz:Statuengineerplz 3 65 Up for Mexico! :icondarksora01:DarkSora01 15 23 Problem in Mann Manor :iconcrazyscoutfin:CrazyscoutFIN 8 3 another crazyscoutfin stuff :iconolurhap:OluRhap 5 3 a picture I made for Dr. Face :iconolurhap:OluRhap 6 3 SOON :iconxtremeterminator4:XtremeTerminator4 14 12 Classic and modern sonicdevil18 :iconmariothehero27:Mariothehero27 2 6 InsanityAdross ::Feutured:: :iconguywiththesuitcase:guywiththesuitcase 25 16 GMod 13 :icondarkwraith-turk:Darkwraith-Turk 32 91 A final Salute to Gmod 12 :iconshermanzatank:ShermanZAtank 11 4 Paintraingineer (A present for OluapPlayer ^^) :iconirskaad:Irskaad 3 4
i'm sorry
for thoses who don't know, yes i gave :iconIllu-Mint:'s modal to :iconArthuurs: without her permission
before you ask, no i don't know why i did it but i've been beating my self up ever since, I FUCKED UP BIG TIME i took one of my friends, my insperation, one of the gmoders who made me want to post shit's trust and just smashed it apart for no fucking reason and i feel like a fucking dick for it. i wanted to come clean and save my self from what's happening now (i fucking hate my self for not doing so) but he said "it's fine" "no one will know" you'll be safe i promis" and yet the dumbass made a pic using it not even a month afterwards and i know then that that prick just droped a time bomb on me and i've been waiting for that timer to run out, and that time is now. I'm sorry everyone =(
and to :iconArthuurs: FUCK YOU why the fuck did i trust you?, why did i think you changed?, i should have ignored you note BUT NO i stapped my friend, and what's worse is i trusted you when you called
:iconkxp71:kxp71 4 45
Arthuurs :iconspyisaspy12:Spyisaspy12 1 15
This is fucking gold:a chat with arthurrs on skype
[8:07:13 AM] Artūrs Žemaitis: ahhhhhhhhhhhh its the little bitch at last, how is slinging my name with mud on deviantart going on?
[8:25:56 AM] Artūrs Žemaitis: whats the mattter you bitch?
[8:31:59 AM] Spy is a Spy: it seems like your still anally destroyed
[8:32:13 AM] Spy is a Spy: so how's the fact that we enjoy murdering spike in your face is?
[8:32:32 AM] Artūrs Žemaitis: ahhhhhhh whiner is awake now....
[8:32:39 AM] Spy is a Spy: irony
[8:32:47 AM] Artūrs Žemaitis: yeah, yours
[8:32:52 AM] Spy is a Spy: no
[8:32:59 AM] Spy is a Spy: you alwyas whine at us
[8:33:04 AM] Spy is a Spy: for not liking mlp
[8:33:12 AM] Spy is a Spy: mlp is a pretty crap show tbh
[8:33:56 AM] Spy is a Spy: oh and you're a pretty shitty troll also
[8:34:29 AM] Artūrs Žemaitis: its not about that dumb stupidhead, you would know whats my problem if you would pay attention and jump start your peanut brain stupid moron
[8:34:36 AM] Spy is a Spy: yea it is
:iconspyisaspy12:Spyisaspy12 3 39
yoshi8pie :iconolurhap:OluRhap 9 5




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hello my name is felipe
Artist | Design & Interfaces
i am from brazil and i am the pyromancer of team fortress 2, well this is my Steam and more i don't accept random friend on Steam you have speak with me for i add you on Steam or you can me add or be i want add you on Steam is too i know you



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remember when some assholes and imbeciles was here, and remember when i was trolling they xD
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you fine sir, just got tagged…
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thx to all peoples
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Happy birthday :D
I forgot that it was yesterday, so sorry for my late message :oops:
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damnit peoples i leave this deviantart i'm on a new deviantart now me add +watch be you wanna :/
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ola eu vou te seguir como derivant watch ok e bom encontrar outro brasileiro aqui achei que era o unico
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